Dentaton Intensive with Chlorhexidine 0.20% is the PROFESSIONAL mouthwash with four actions:

REMOVES plaque and prevents its formation.
HELPS to keep the gums healthy.
REDUCES the onset of dental caries.
DELICATE and pleasant thanks to the mallow extract

The plaque
The surface of the teeth, even if cleaned, tend to be quickly covered with a harmful film called plaque. The plaque is a deposit of organic substances, carried by saliva, on which the bacterial flora grows producing polysaccharides. The presence of bacteria and polysaccharide substances facilitates the formation of dental caries and chronic diseases of the gums and periodontal tissues. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most frequent cause of tooth loss. The presence of plaque and/or incorrect oral hygiene is also the cause of bad breath.

Chlorhexidine is a substance with antibacterial activity, used for decades in the production of mouthwashes as its long-lasting effectiveness without causing tissue damage or delaying healing.

Clinical studies indicate that Chlorhexidine has a bactericide action and prevents the formation of the plaque. The anti-plaque effect of Chlorhexidine disappears 24 hours after the treatment.

The mallow extract has an emollient activity, a local anti-irritating action, an adsorbing and refreshing action. It contrasts the inflammatory process of the gums, alleviates the irritations of the oral cavity, and avoids the chronicization of inflammatory states. The substances in the mallow extract absorb the secretions and neutralize the toxic substances deriving from bacterial degradation.

One lt bottle for professional use. Administer the mouthwash to the patient in the pre-surgical phases and during surgery to guarantee the operating field disinfection.


WITH CHLORHEXIDINE 0,20 AND MELLOW EXTRACT, ALCOHOL-FREE. The mouthwash has four actions: 1) Prevents and help to remove the dental plaque. 2) Prevents gingival problems and is useful when it is hard to maintain proper oral hygiene. 3) Helps to reduce dental caries. 4) The presence of the mallow extract in its formula reduces gingival inflammation, and the absence of alcohol makes it possible to use the product even when the mucosa is particularly sensitive.

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