• IDS International Dental Show 2019

    IDS International Dental Show 2019

    Come to visit us at International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne from 12 to 16 March 2019. HALL 10.1 Stand 069   READ_MORE
  • Gel coadjuvant for the treatment of periodontal pockets and periimplantitis after the mechanical removal of the plaque from the tooth surface READ_MORE
  • BNX Evo

    BNX Evo

    The implant is equipped with SWITCH PLATFORM on the neck Has a CONICAL CONNECTION. G-OSS Surface macro and microstructured has osteoconductive properties to allow for a greater and more rapid READ_MORE
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  • Bio Materials
Health & Wellness READ_MORE
Bio Materials READ_MORE
Dental Products READ_MORE
Implantology READ_MORE

Medical devices manufactured to meet the physiological healing and formation of bone tissue involved in the dental surgery.

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The research work in the laboratory and the ongoing confrontation with professionals who work in the field and experience first-hand the needs of the dentist, combined with the many years' experience of Ghimas and a team of engineers, clinicians and qualified technicians, enable us to provide the dentist with a complete range of implants/prosthetics that are always in step with the times. Since 1947 Ghimas operates in the dental field, thanks to continued innovation and the quality of its products. Read more
Ghimas conducts advanced research in biology, chemistry, pharmacology and nanotechnology, in synergy with the most important universities in Italy and worldwide. Research and Development: in recent years, Ghimas has obtained important successes as the result of research projects in the field of synthetic osteoconductive biomaterials, both in the form of biomimetic nanostructures and as a scaffold for stem cells for tissue regeneration and the creation of osteoinductive surfaces and others for the treatment of various diseases.
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