Production for Third parties

We produce for third party and develop private label

Thanks to our modern equipment we can provide industrial freeze-dried products for different types of industries.

  • 1° freeze-dryer - the annual production capacity is approximately 1.7 million bottles
  • 2° freeze-dryer – for pilot or small productions

Over the years, we have been producing freeze-dried high-tech synthetic materials for highly specialized fields such as hospitals and dentistry.

Ghimas' organization and continuous search for knowledge have led us to develop new production processes patented by us, for the creation of biomaterials useful for bone regeneration, and dermo-aesthetic products such as fillers and injectable devices for cellulite considered a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

We give a complete service to our customers for both specific processes and the development of private label products. We help companies for the entire production process, from conception to placing the product on the market.

Our constant research and development activity guarantee Partners competence and scientific support in the creation and evolution of their products and in the development of new lines.

We can mix any type of liquid, bottle and package products of different heights and formats.

We have a Clean Room in which we carry out all the productions that require a controlled environment. In our factory there are Atex rooms (mandatory for the packaging of products such as alcohol-based sanitizers/disinfectants) for storing inflammable products such as alcohol