Food supplement made with Tolù balm and horehound.
Useful in case of respiratory system disorders, cough, phlegm, difficulty with expectoration.
The fluidifying, expectorant and balsamic actions of these natural components normalize the quantitative composition of the bronchial mucus.
It is also useful for calming the cough stimulus.

Tolù balm (myroxylon balsamum) has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, fluidifying, expectorant properties. Tolù balm takes its name from the Colombian region in which it is produced and is obtained from a resin, extracted by engraving the bark of tropical trees. It has a dual power: tonic for the skin and healing for the respiratory system, thanks to its balsamic aroma. The best-known property of Tolù balm is referred to its expectorant and antispasmodic power, as it can fight cough and calm the respiratory tract. In case of dry or greasy cough, it is also possible to pour a few drops of Tolumar in a bowl full of hot water: this mixture has an exceptional healing power on the respiratory tract.


Horehound extract (marrubium vulgare) has antipyretic, balsamic, antitussive, fluidifying, expectorant actions. Horehound is used as a mucolytic and cough sedative, in chronic catarrhal affections of the respiratory system, as it boasts anti-inflammatory, expectorant, astringent, cleansing, antiseptic and healing properties.

These components can normalize the qualitative and quantitative composition of bronchial mucus, with a fluidifying, expectorant and sedative effect on coughs.

TOLUMAR does not contain cough sedatives which act in the central nervous system or which in any case lower the threshold of the stimulus that causes the cough. Sedation is due to the combined anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa of the airways.
TOLUMAR is useful against the disorders of the respiratory system characterized by qualitative and quantitative changes in bronchial mucus, cough, phlegm, difficulty in expectoration.
TOLUMAR is alcohol free and can be used at any age.

Tolumar Syrup


Sucrose, water, Tolù balsam extr. hydroalc. (myroxylon balsamum toluiferum H.B.K.), horehound leaves extr. hydroalc. (marrubium vulgare L.), preservative: potassium sorbate, flavor.

instructions for the use

It is recommended to take one tablespoon 3 times a day for at least 10 days. The taste is particularly appreciated by children and allows it to be taken even more frequently, especially when the urge to cough is felt (one teaspoon every 1-2 hours). The product can also be taken diluted in water.