We have been producing high quality brands for more than 70 years. Ghimas is synonymous with quality that lasts in time.

Ghimas was founded in Bologna in 1947 as a Chemical-Pharmaceutical laboratory.
In the same year it produced Plastor, cement for temporary fillings still on the market today. For the first twenty years of business, it developed and marketed several drugs (Cochivit, Fugantil, Eparcire, Bismoplexo)

while in the 60s, launched Biogel, a line of freeze-dried royal jelly-based food supplements still available today.

In 1968 GHIMAS moved to Casalecchio di Reno and developed new products for dentistry, in addition to the health and wellness line. Since then, it launched on the market numerous products such as Fisiograft - N2 - Chlosite - Sint-Bone - Dental Green Line - Easy Filler

In 2004 the Company invested in a new factory, equipped with laboratories for research and quality control and started to be specialized in the development of dental Medical Devices in addition to its historical products such as Plastor, Biogel, and FIisiograft. Ghimas line of Dental Implants is called BNX and it has been associated with its own Software Assisted IMPLANTOLOGY and GUIDED SURGERY system, called BNX 3D GUIDE, since 2010.

Ghimas has been one of the first Italian companies to support the importance of software-assisted implantology and to invest in the training of professionals.

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All Products have CE marking, and ISO 9001, ISO 13465 certifications by the Notifying Body Kiwa Cermet.
The Company is also subject to annual validation according to FDA regulationst. For Ghimas the social and human aspects are essential. We aim for great goals, but we want to keep an informal atmosphere and continuous dialogue with all the employees.

Research & Innovation

Ghimas' organization and continuous search for knowledge have led us to develop new production processes patented by us, for the creation of biomaterials useful for bone regeneration. Among the strategic areas of our research is that of dermo-aesthetic products.
In this sector we have designed and created, in collaboration with national and international companies, various products following the entire production process, from the raw materials to the final packaging.

Ghimas and the future…

Ghimas still continues to explore new paths and conducts advanced research in biology, chemistry and pharmacology, in synergy with the most important universities in Italy and in the world to offer innovative solutions with the aim of improving the life of doctors and patients.