The implant is of conical shape and has microthreads that increase the osseointegrable surface by 30%.

The microthreads in the crestal module extend into the body of the implant facilitating the vertical insertion of the screw and improving stability.
The microthreads of the crestal module perfectly block the implant, allowing a 30% increase in cortical stability.

The root of the implant is rounded, thus allowing better integration into the implant site and the highest tenderness towards the tissue.
There are also four apical debridement burrs (draining) that facilitate screwing and collection of any bone chips left in the site.

There is a SWITCH PLATFORM on the neck of the implant for the physiological connective attachment.
The G-CONE CONICAL connection with 12 positions allows a more harmonious distribution of the loads, the best seal, and facilitates positioning of the angled abutments.

BNX EVO is made of grade 4 Titanium (“commercially pure” – Ti 99.84%).

The G-OSS macro and microstructured surface has osteoconductive properties to allow for a greater and more rapid osseointegration.

The surface treatment performed on BNX EVO is made using a process developed in the GHIMAS laboratories, via large grit sandblasting followed by double acidification, which ensures optimum cleaning of the surface itself.

The implant is present also in an innovative SLIM FIT form

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