Indicated for the treatment of hypersensitivity of exposed dentin (exposed roots, collars, eroded enamel, lesions resulting from orthodontic brackets) and for any other tooth desensitizing treatments in general and protection of vital tooth abutments that will be rehabilitated with permanent prostheses.
The product is composed of a suspension of nanohydroxyapatite in absolute alcohol.

The hydroxyapatite is produced according to a technique developed by Ghimas has structural, dimensional and biofunctional characteristics that replicate those of the natural dentin.
The biometric nanohydroxyapatite bonds to the collagen fibrils present on the surface of the dentinal tubules, occluding them and as a result reduces or eliminates pain inducing stimuli.
The active nanohydroxyapatite, once it has occupied and occluded any open orifices of the dentinal tubules, it resists attack by the acids present in the oral cavity and when it is applied on abutments it penetrates into the dentin, protecting it and does not create a film thickness which could create problems when positioning the prostheses.

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