“ECÒ” FAST ALGINATE with horse-chestnut is a new thixotropic alginate that combines precision together with the “natural” beneficial properties of the horsechestnut.

This natural active ingredient (2,5 o/oo) besides rendering the product more delicate also guarantees the patient an astringent and capillary protective action.
The rapid hardening of “ECÒ” FAST ALGINATE with horse-chestnut permits an immediate reproduction of the impression, thereby effectively reducing working time.
“ECÒ” FAST ALGINATE with horse-chestnut is dustfree, blue in color and has a pleasant mint flavor, which is pleasing also to children.
“ECÒ” FAST ALGINATE with horse-chestnut, is made from materials which are absolutely safe and non-toxic and are compatible with all the better types of stone materials found on the market today. SHELF LIFE 5 YEARS

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