P30Bottle with 2 g. of pre-hardened emidrato calcium sulphate microgranules with rounded corners and having a suitable dimension for obtaining an absorbable plastic cement for dental use. Remembering to always working in a sterile field, open the hermetically sealed bottle and remove the quantity of material necessary for the procedure; at the end of the work session the bottle can be resealed. Pre-hardened microgranules are easily kneaded with a minimal quantity of REGULAR liquid (composed of saline solution) to obtain a paste that is easy to use.After the material is positioned and compacted into the defect,it is necessasry to reduce any excess liquid with the absorbant TNT gauze mounted on a tweezer. It is recommended to remove as much blood as possible from the operatory field. To give greater consistency to the material, the vial containing a support dose of calcium sulphate hemihydrate may be used. The external layer can be hardened by lightly touching it with the gauze which has been soaked with the FAST liquid, composed of 4% potassium sulphate. is indicated for small defects such as dehiscences and fenestrations, immediately loaded implants, post extraction sockets, as a space maintainer under membranes and as a collante in bone grafts. can be used alone or mixed with

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