Course participants will receive all the basics about the selection of the patient, the study of the case and the surgical and prosthetic planning to allow you to perform actions in simplicity and safety.
Participants will be provided the knowledge necessary for a proper reading of the x-rays for dental use, intraoral, panoramic and CT scans, with reference to the new techniques of planning interventions in 3D.

It will be shown how to set up a proper treatment plan, in addition to entering in the specific surgical techniques, such as the execution of the flaps, the preparation of the operative site and the suture.

Will be treated anesthetic techniques and sedation useful in surgery, in addition to the appropriate drug prophylaxis. Will be dealt with the medico-legal aspects and possible intra-and postoperative complications of implant surgery.

Will be finally explained the functional and hygienic maintenance program.

The practical exercises will be carried out on animals and artificial substrates in simulation of oral situations.

Each participant will be allowed, at the end of the course, to bring his patient on which to perform an intervention Implantology, under the supervision of the tutor as an assistant.

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