The implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, born as extreme rehabilitation in severely atrophied patients in recent decades has slowly transformed as the rehabilitation of choice for all types of edentulism; transformation that has resulted in an increase in the cost of the therapy, and making it sometimes difficult to deal with for the patient.

Today, the patient who undergoes rehabilitation to support implans, whether it be movable or fixed is a patient who is often proposed very expensive rehabilitations and as an alternative will be directed towards a “conventional” rehabilitation such as a removable or a partial denture at bargain prices.

Today thanks to simplified, standardized component surgical techniques, it is possible tosignificantly reduce the costs of managing implant support prostheses permitting to propose rehabilitations that do not compromise quality and predictability while at the same time guaranteeing a good profit proposing to the patient more affordable costs and loyalty of thge patient to our profession.

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